Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our New Baby

Honestly, I would never have been in the Humane Society so soon after losing Skippy if my youngest daughter wasn't crying herself to sleep every night, clutching a glass jar containing Skippy's collar, his toy mouse and a few sad tufts of fur... ohh it was grim!

We needed the daily burden of not-being-met-at-the-door-by-our-cat lifted, so that's how I found myself bonding through a crate at MHS with a skinny little tiger kitten. He gazed at me with a great deal of aplomb, reached a long scrawny paw through the wire to grab my finger, and gently held on.
Yep, I was his.
Welcome, Tobi!


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  1. Welcome Tobi! We have 4 SPCA muts and a fifth rescue (3 dogs, 2 cats) and we love each of them dearly. I also worked at a shelter one day a week as an adoption counselor and we used to tease people that we taught the cats how to do that. But cats pick people and Tobi picked you!!