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NEW: Toolbox Movie Review!

Adoption-related movies are currently HOT and I sure wouldn't want to miss a trend. Orphan (the movie) made an especially heated entrance this summer. until the famously camp 'surprise ending' spoiled a chunk of our a-parent outrage.
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Adopted the Movie has been gathering steam and rave reviews, and appears to be making a positive, ongoing impact on our group adoption-consciousness [Click here for intelligent CLIPS]

Sooo, I've decided to get in on the adoption media splash and add my own knee-jerk reactions to movies pertaining (sort of) to our adoptive families. Introducing...

The Occasional Adoption Toolbox Movie Mom Review...
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I ordered "Bad News Bears" (1976-PG) for my 10 year old from the kid's section at Netflix. We sat down recently to watch it together...I was expecting to see Walter Matthau's grumpy mug, and had a very bad creeper feeling when the opening shot of the Bear's baseball coach captured him pouring whiskey into his beer can...and far worse, Walter Matthau was looking a lot like Billy Bob Thornton...

It was Billy Bob.

Dang, they went and updated the original, lovable Bad News Bears baseball movie (re-make: 2005, PG-13). Waaay too much swearing, even for me, and lots of Hooters girls and references to crack. But still mildly entertaining, if you don't mind explaining numerous scatological/sexual references to your young child (yes, well). Billy Bob actually does a great job as the has-been big-leaguer turned pest-exterminator, showcasing that same, dark underlying energy that his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, exudes without much effort.

Girlfriend: Angie and Brad will never last. Brad doesn't have the darkness and Angelina will eventually get very bored. Really, how could Brad hope to follow the previous Angie & Billy Bob partnership? Sure, Brad and Angie have birthed and adopted 18 children together, but it's tough to top a couple that wore each others tatts and vials of each others blood.

Adoption Toolbox film review rating for the newer Bad News Bears: Amusing but Wildly Inappropriate for children. I give it one finger up (yeah, the one they use frequently in the movie)


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